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Enjoy the best of Holidays in Dubai – Ten tips for your Dubai Holidays

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Best time to visit 

If enjoying holidays under a scorching sun and in really hot weather doesn’t excite you much, plan your visit to Dubai in winters. Winters are the best time to visit Dubai. The Emirate has extreme weather conditions, where weather gets extremely hot. You can plan your holidays to Dubai from November to March. In winter, the temperature is generally mild, around 20C average.

Visa requirements 

Be sure about the visa requirements for your country’s citizens. For your visit to Dubai, you may have to apply for a visit visa. However, citizens of few countries, such as USA, UK, Australia etc don’t have to apply for a visa earlier and can get visa on arrival. 


Tourists or visitors are not allowed to buy liquor in Dubai. Only the citizens, who have a liquor license can buy them. Visitors can get liquor only in a bar in a hotel or in a nightclub. But, don’t get disappointed as visitors are free to buy liquor from the Dubai duty free on arrival.

Car rentals 

Taxis are quite expensive in Dubai. To save your precious bucks, go for renting a full car for the time you are in Dubai. You can do it in advance too online. 


Like most of the other countries except India, driving is left hand dominant in Dubai.

Accommodation Options 

Though Dubai is a grand state of luxury and lavishness, the accommodation options have a vast range for the visitors to choose from. If your requirement is for a budget hotel, you don’t need to unnecessarily spend on expensive hotels. However, if you are travelling to Dubai with a big group of friends or colleagues, then renting an apartment is the best option for you. 


Your visit to Dubai is incomplete without indulging in shopping experiences. Dubai is a paradise for shoppers as it hosts several shopping malls that sell almost everything. The gold jewellery and cheap electronics will tempt you. Do a guilt-free shopping by deciding a shopping budget and following it. You can always bargain for a better discount, because sellers always have a margin for discounts. 


English is well understood in Dubai, though Arabic is the main language.


You shouldn’t worry much about your safety in Dubai as it is one of the safest places on earth. They have really tough laws. The visitors are expected to respect the law and culture.

Avoid Ramadan 

Ramadan, the fasting month of Muslims, is observed in September and October. Fast is observed daily for around 12 hours. NO ONE, including tourists can eat or drink during this time.


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